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Choose your favorite Talent, compete against your friends and win weekly rewards according to their real life performance.

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How it works?
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How it works

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Prove your Talent scout skills. Choose your favorite Talent and enter the Tournament.

You will be competing against all the best talents of his category.

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Win the weekly Tournament

Be part of the journey.

Each card gets a weekly grade based on their real life performance (followers increase, views etc..) so the more you engage with him, the more you will be likely to win.

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Why become a Believer?

Support your favorite talent
Win πŸ’° along the way
Collect a milestone of your favorite Creators journey
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How does it work?

By buying the Talent card you will be automatically joining the tournament. Each tournament lasts up to one week and at the end of the week we will contact you about your ranking.

How much do I win?

Each week the Prize pool is calculated according to the number of participants.

How do I know if I won?

We will send you two emails: one to confirm you bought the card, and the second one to tell you how you ranked in the tournament and hence if you won.

How is the grade calculated?

The grade is calculated by measuring different metrics (followers increase, views, engagement etc..) on a daily basis. Each grade is calculated weekly. and at the end of the week we will contact you about your ranking.

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